I was born a Northeast Minneapolis girl. I had no idea that someday I would end up as a fine art
painter in the Northrup King Building – not far from my childhood home. I believe my ancestors
had something to do with it. My maternal grandfather was an architect and builder and my
father, a welder by trade, became a gifted stained glass artist.

After graduating from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota with a fine arts degree,
I married my best friend, Michael. My first real paying job after college was at a photography
lab, retouching and airbrushing photographs, which required a good deal of detail drawing. As
I became confident in photographic retouching, I became co-owner of Airgraphics, a photo
retouching and restoration studio. Gradually, computers and digital photo manipulation became
the norm which led me to my next job at a commercial graphics studio in Minneapolis.

During the years of working and raising a family, I drifted away from my paints and canvases.
Now that our two lovely daughters, Bernadette and Nicole, have flown the nest, a good friend
of mine encouraged me to begin painting again, and offered to share her studio in the Northrup
King Building in Northeast Minneapolis. I have been at NKB ever since – and I am happy to say that I have opened my own studio at NKB! My favored images to paint are taken from nature
and still-life compositions. I would describe my painting style as more casual, impressionistic
than realistic. I’m just a regular gal who paints because I love to paint and I hope to bring a bit of
beauty to our world.

Please enjoy my online gallery, and I hope that someday we meet at my studio #165.